Same Sex and LGBTQI Celebrations

I am so proud to be able to celebrate Australia’s coming of age with its revision of the Marriage Act 1961! It’s about time that our basic human rights have been recognised and so heart warming that the majority of Australians officially agree……

Whatever life celebration you want for yourself, your partner or your family, if you are part of our wonderful LGBTIQ family…then I would be honoured to ensure that your event is brilliant.

Being myself a part of the LGBTIQ community, I understand how refreshing it is to speak with professionals who show no biase regardless of gender, sexual orientation or alternate family structures. I can promise a supportive open ear and a wealth of resources to help you make your event perfect.

I will help you plan the perfect venue, décor and flowers as well as writing a ceremony for you that says exactly what you want it to. I am an experienced public speaker and love to use humour and your personal stories to add warmth to your ceremony. I can guide you in selecting a ritual to enhance the day and bring added meaning to all participants and guests.


So, whether you are having:

·         a naming day for your baby,

·         a commitment ceremony,

·         getting married,

·         a birthday,

·         an anniversary,

·         a graduation celebration,

·         a baby shower,

·         funeral or memorial

·         an engagement party,

·         a club or corporate event- or any other life celebration


- give me a call for a no-obligation meeting to discuss you plans. I can come to your home; we can meet for a coffee or you can visit me at my workroom and equipment store to get some inspiration.


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